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Plan. Then Adapt.

Submitted by Travis Franklin on Mon, 07/09/2012 - 10:23

According to our plan, it would be the perfect weekend on the motorcycle. We had mapped out an amazing trip, starting early to beat the high weekend temps, grabbing breakfast at a little diner along the way, and seeing some incredible country over the two days we were going to be gone.

That was according to plan anyway.

Our bike was packed, tent and gear secured, and helmets on. I turned the key, pressed the start button....and was met with silence. No throaty growl from the motor. Not even a small click of the engine turning over.

Long story short, the battery was dead and wouldn't hold a charge. So much for the plan; it was time to adapt.

Another bike was arranged (thanks Dad!) and after a bit of repacking we were on the road. Four hours late, but we were rubber side down and handlebars pointing us toward our destination. By the end of the journey, we had experienced an incredible ride. Idaho has unbelievable scenery - from the Sawtooth Mountains and Sun Valley to the raging waters of the Payette River. We were lucky enough to enjoy just a taste during our ride thanks to an ability to adapt.

Startups are a lot like the weekend bike trip. You start off with one plan and before you know it, things change. You have to be flexible and ready to alter your plans. BOBEC has certainly been that way. We've changed a lot since the first days sitting around a room with a suggestion for a game. Ideas have come, ideas have died (violently sometimes), and ideas have grown.

We still don't know where the story is going. We've got incredible plans, but we're ready to adapt if needed.